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Discover Transform Healing
by Cathy Jones

A Natural Approach to Healing

“I saw Cathy while I was going through a rough patch in life.  Her Energy and hypnosis work helped me tremendously by identifying triggers and what I needed to do to heal.  I highly recommend Cathy and strongly suggest seeing her especially through life’s transitions.”

“Reiki is so empowering, I love the relaxed feeling as you walk into her room.  Seems like it washes away all stress as you enter and allows you to just unwind and take it all in.  The hour goes by so fast, I do not want it to end. I have Reiki done at least once a month if nothing else to just balance my Chakras.”

“Reiki is so amazing, love the energy, love how it releases the unwanted or negative energy.  I will forever keep going to see Cathy for a Reiki Treatment.”

Mountain Sunset

“Treat the cause not the effect”

Dr. Edward Bach

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